Performing testing on aerospace materials, components and systems is critical to the reliability, endurance, and safety of all aircraft.

Fuselage, wings, and landing gear testing

Element is the largest, independent provider of materials testing, product qualification testing, and advisory services to the global Aerospace industry. From body panels and cockpit outer shells to flaps and stabilizers, and on to wings and landing gear systems, we have been there, testing critical materials and components to exacting standards of the Aerospace industry for over 100 years.

Our industry-leading Aerospace testing experts work in partnership with our customers' design and implement complex test programs to ensure industry regulatory compliance. Our services include a wide variety of destructive tests and non-destructive test methods for metal, composites, and other advanced materials; EMI/EMC testing to RTCA DO-160, MIL-STD-461 and DEF STAN 59-411 standards, and bird strike and projectile impact testing and lightning testing, to ensure that aircraft body, landing gear, and wings perform optimally in all operating conditions.


The Element advantage

We continue to work with all of the Aerospace Primes and their Supply Chain partners to help them to develop better products, get to market on time, and save money, all while providing them with the confidence that all the materials, products, and processes we test, inspect and certify for them are always compliant, safe and fit for purpose.


Aerospace Load Testing & Certification

Load testing and visual inspection of standard and customized lifting equipment according to both Singapore and international standards.

Lifting Equipment Certification

  • MOM Certification / IB Certification

  • Load testing and visual inspection of standard and customized lifting equipment according to both Singapore and international standards


Customized Structural Equipment Testing

  • Testing of storage racks, step ladders, vehicle supports, support structures and tripod jacks.


Pull Test

  • Testing of anchor bolts and beam structures


Hydrostatic Testing on Pressure Vessel

  • MOM Certification or API Inspection


Our services

Our extensive range of services include

Composites Testing

Composite Testing

Find out about Element's composite testing support in material selection and qualification, materials testing, fatigue testing, manufacturing process development, failure analysis, repair technology and training.

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Fatigue Testing 640 x 480

Fatigue Testing

Element's laboratories help customers characterize the properties and behaviors of materials and components using varying loads, speeds, and environmental conditions to create predictive patterns of future behavior.

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Fastener Testing


Find out how Element tests individual fasteners and fastening systems in high volumes, with reliable results to consistently meet the exacting demands of the Aerospace sector.

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Aircraft Lightning Strike Testing 640 x 480

Lightning Strike Testing

Our aircraft lightning strike services provide testing per RTCA DO-160 Section 22, MIL-STD-461 and others to evaluate how on-board electronics perform in the event of a strike.

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Materials Testing

Find out more about our global network of Nadcap accredited and supplier approved aerospace materials testing laboratories together with our highly experienced team of Aerospace Materials Testing Experts

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Aerospace Mechanical Testing

Aerospace Mechanical Testing

Find out about Element's tensile, elongation, compression, impact, fracture toughness, stress, rupture, fatigue, hardness, abrasion & wear, bend, pressure, shear and torque testing services.

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Metallurgical Testing

Metallurgical Testing

Find out more about our metallurgical testing expertise and our comprehensive range services, from grain size analysis to fractography.

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Non Destructive Testing 640x480

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Find out about the range of NDT services Element uses to evaluate the properties of a material, parts, products, welds, or systems without materially affecting the integrity of the items being tested.

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MIL-STD-810 640 x 480

MIL-STD-810 Testing

Find out more about how Element’s specialized product qualification laboratories deliver certainty when validating components and systems to the rigorous standards of MIL-STD-810 testing. 

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Fire Testing

RTCA DO-160 Testing

Find out more about our extensive experience with RTCA DO 160 qualification programs, from environmental simulation to EMC testing, we are a single-source testing partner for every section of DO 160 testing.

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Creep Testing 640 x 480

Stress Rupture and Creep

Find out how Element uses a variety of stress rupture and creep test methods to assess the effect of long term stress on metals, composites and a range of other advanced materials.

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Find out how Element test key structures within aircraft, under static and dynamic operational loads, to assess the impact of fatigue and to determine accurate in-service life predictions for these structures.

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Tensile Testing

Tensile Testing

Element delivers industry-leading tensile testing services for a wide range of metallic, polymeric, and other advanced materials to the Aerospace and other industry sectors.

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Vibration testing

Vibration Testing

Element has extensive experience in vibration testing services and our vibration laboratories feature electro-dynamic and servo-hydraulic systems that can replicate low and high frequency conditions. 

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Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

Find out how Element's global team of failure analysis experts learn from the past, to help prevent future failures in service. 

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