Mobile devices must perform exceptionally complex functions safely and effectively in many different environments. Element’s comprehensive mobile device testing labs ensure products meet manufacturer requirements and consumer expectations.

We rely on mobile phones, tablets, and cellular wearables not just for personal convenience but for crucial infrastructure and emergency services. These devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated, often incorporating multiple radio components, and are expected to operate properly in increasingly extreme environments, from crowded city centers to frigid mountaintops.


End-to-end mobile device testing

Element laboratories offer a full array of cellular device testing that covers every stage of the product life cycle, including materials testing, design feasibility and R&D support, regulatory and carrier acceptance testing, and in-use tests like OTA (over-the-air) testing. Device testing is crucial to delivering a successful product, but the right advice from experts in radio technology and regulatory compliance will help you develop superior products and avoid costly, time-consuming testing setbacks.


The Element advantage

With decades of experience, Element enables you to develop, launch and sell cellular phones and tablets worldwide. With deep experience in mobile testing and compliance and certification programs, we make certain that products are compliant, safe, and fit for purpose.

From our laboratories in the USA, Europe, and Asia, Element experts combine their world-class technical expertise with a detailed knowledge of ever-changing international regulatory standards. We continuously invest in new facilities, staff, and capabilities to remain on the cutting edge of device testing and to expand our geographic footprint for your convenience.

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Four Steps to Prepare for Wireless Coexistence

Technology trends continue to drive the rapid growth of wireless devices, particularly in the medical industry. These trends have created new challenges for product developers, especially when it comes to the safe operation of their products in increasingly crowded spaces.


ANSI C63.27 - Wireless Coexistence Testing for Connected Medical Devices

With the the ever-changing regulations surrounding radio devices, manufacturers must fully understand the requirements and best practices associated with their products and must have a reliable, well-informed, and communicative testing partner to guide them through the testing process.


FCC System Approval vs. FCC Modular Approval 

Element’s wireless certification experts provide fast and efficient FCC approval for system and modular devices to help you bring your radio products to market sooner.


Our services

Discover the full range of cellular testing and certification services from Element

Field Interoperability Testing

Field Interoperability Testing (FIT)

Find out how Element supports mobile device OEMs and Network Operators with their Field Interoperability Testing challenges.

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Hearing Aid Compatibility

Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)

Find out how Element delivers compliance testing and certification for Hearing Aid Compatibility for both RF Emissions and T-coil testing for wireless devices.

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5G Test and Certification

5G Test and Certification Services

Find out how Element’s high-capacity 5G test and certification services help you expedite your product’s journey to market.

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Lithium Battery

Lithium Battery Testing & Certification

Find out how Element performs safety and compliance testing on Lithium-Ion batteries for the wireless industry.

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LTE Testing

Long Term Evolution (LTE) Testing

Find out how Element helps wireless broadband providers to increase the capacity and speed of their networks via Long-Term Evolution (LTE).

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Connected Technologies

Over The Air Testing Services

Find out how Element tests and certifies wireless devices to ensure they achieve effective radiated spatial performance for all relevant standards.

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Radio Frequency Identification RFID Testing

Discover how Element makes certain that your wireless products and devices comply with all relevant Safety, EMC, and Radio performance requirements and RFID standards.

RF Testing

RF Parametric and Protocol Testing Services

Find out how Element's RF Parametric and Protocol Testing Services allow your products to use the radio spectrum successfully while conforming to regulatory requirements.

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Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)

Find out how Element tests wireless devices for compliance with radio frequency safety limits in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

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SunSpec Alliance Certification

Find out how Element provides conformance testing for Servers, DER Clients, and DER Aggregator Clients under the SunSpec, Distributed Energy Resource (DER) scheme.

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Verizon Wireless Open Development

Find out how Element certifies device manufacturers to access Verizon’s VZW national voice and data network in the USA.

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