As environmental regulation takes an ever greater role in modern business, organizations are facing growing pressure to ensure their activities adhere to the highest standards of environmental testing and management.

With a network of accredited environmental testing laboratories located throughout the Americas, UK, Singapore, the Middle East, and Africa, Element helps customers to meet their environmental obligations through our comprehensive range of laboratory and field-based environmental testing services.

Our highly trained team of Engaged Experts who are experienced in local environmental regulations and the successful delivery of our environmental testing services, work in partnership with our customers to define their environmental strategies and undertake integrated consulting and testing programs to deliver reports and analyzes to the very highest standard.

We specialize in water quality testing, soil testing, sediments, solid waste, drilling waste, air quality testing, the management of hazardous materials (including asbestos testing) and stack emissions sampling. In Canada and the United States, we also offer water and soil testing kits for the home.




Environmental Testing and Compliance Content

Discover our environmental thought leadership content including articles, white papers, case studies and FAQs.

Written by our industry experts, we explore a range of laboratory and field-based topics related to how we help clients comply with environmental legislation and maintain safe operations.




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